Shower Drains

Our pace setting drain offers a modern bathroom function and blends with clean line bathrooms of today. Our range of Spartan Drains are made of the highest grade of stainless steel, designed with functionality, created to never be outdated, …sheer craftmanship.Our Drains are available in most retail plumbing stores. For your nearest location, please call Reece, Swan or Tradelink. Or if you are having trouble locating someone that deals with our drains, give us a call at Alustain and we will point you in the right direction.

Our Manufacture doesn’t just stop with our standard range of drains. We can custom make anything to suit your requirements. Custom lengths, custom upstands, custom grates, custom angles, custom shapes. Anything you can imagine.

The Spartan shower drain is designed to be installed under your tiles and waterproofing membrane. That way, there should be no leaks through your floor. If you have requested upstands where you will be tiling the drain into a corner, your AC sheet, waterproof membrane and then tiles will all be installed to the inside of the upstand. This way, any water that may seep through your tiles or grout will still travel into the drain.

A Stainless Steel angle is provided as an edge to tile up to in the floor. The Grates have adjustable feet that can be cut down to lower the height to match your floor tiles.


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