LARAMIE – Dodge RAM 1500 Racks and Tray Systems

by Alustain

Maximize Your Workday Efficiency with the LARAMIE 4x4 1500 Roof Rack for Dodge RAMS

Equip your Dodge RAM 1500 LARAMIE 4×4 with the ultimate tool in utility and durability—the 1500 Roof Rack. Crafted from premium 304-grade stainless steel with a thickness of 1.2mm, this roof rack is designed for the modern tradesman who demands strength and resilience. Choose between a satin finish or a powder-coated option to match your truck’s rugged style.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Load Distribution: With 16 fixing points, the rack ensures that weight is evenly spread across the roof, stabilizing your load during transit.
  • Additional Storage Solutions: Equipped with three rollers, our roof rack makes loading and unloading large items like ladders and building materials effortless.
  • Integrated Safety Lighting: Featuring additional indicators, tail, and brake lights, this rack keeps safety in the forefront.
  • Adaptive Design: A detachable rear bar allows you to transport larger objects without hassle. The separation between the cabin and tub accommodates natural chassis movement, ensuring no stress is placed on your vehicle.
  • Advanced Lighting System: Illuminate your work area with an integrated 52-inch curved LED lightbar, controlled easily via a high-quality foot switch.


Whether you’re hauling heavy equipment to a job site or transporting supplies for a big project, the RAM Laramie 4×4 1500 Roof Rack transforms your vehicle into a powerhouse of productivity. Durable, functional, and designed with the tradesman in mind, it’s not just a roof rack—it’s your next essential tool.


$4,850/Incl. GST
  • Power Coated or Satin Stainless Steel
  • Installation Included
  • High Load Capacity
  • Free Additional Lighting
  • Built Tough

Introducing the LARAMIE Tray: Revolutionize Your Dodge RAM 1500 with Our Aluminum Pull-Out Tray System

Key Features:

  • Optimized Accessibility: The LARAMIE Tray glides effortlessly, providing easy access to tools and equipment directly from the back of your SUV. No more climbing or awkward reaching—everything you need is at your fingertips.
  • Maximized Storage Space: Leverage the full potential of your RAM 1500’s large tray space. Our system helps organize and secure your items, enhancing your storage capabilities without sacrificing vehicle aesthetics.
  • Robust Construction: Crafted from premium aluminum and coated with a durable powder finish, the LARAMIE Tray is built to endure the demands of daily activities and adverse weather conditions.
  • Seamless Integration: Designed for a perfect fit, the LARAMIE Tray installs swiftly and integrates smoothly with your RAM 1500, maintaining its sleek look while boosting utility.
  • Sleek Design: The LARAMIE Tray not only increases your truck’s utility but also complements its overall style, ensuring that functionality doesn’t come at the expense of form.


Ideal for tradesmen, adventurers, and everyday enthusiasts, the LARAMIE Tray is the ultimate upgrade for anyone looking to significantly enhance their Dodge RAM 1500’s utility and efficiency. Make every journey more productive with the LARAMIE Tray—where style meets functionality.


$3,495/Incl. GST
  • Black Power Coated
  • Installation Included
  • High Load Capacity
  • Heavy Duty
  • Built Tough


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Our LARAMIE roof racks and trays  are suitable for the Dodge RAM 1500 model. We customize them for each variation, so please contact us if you are looking for a superior, high-load roof racking and tray system for your RAM.

304 Grade Stainless steel, lets not muck around, we build stuff to last

Stainless Steel Satin, or powder coated (painted)

Additonal indicators , tail and brake lights

  • 52 Inch LED Lightbar included, you will light up the nights sky.

250kg across both the front and rear racks

We include in our pricing installation, we are located in Thomastown, Victoria

No, we require for the best product deliverable, that we fit our products. 

We are located in Thomastown, Victoria

For all enquires about the LARAMIE Dodge Ram Roof Racks and Tray Systems please call or email